February 2017

Embroidering a Medieval Sampler
Saturday, February 4, 9:30-3:30
Susan Hanley
$90 + $ 25  materials fee
Enrollment 4-7

At the height of its influence, embroidery as an art form surpassed painting, sculpture or jewelry making. Dubbed Opus Anglicanum or English Work, medieval embroideries from the master guilds of London were the most coveted objects of the day, renowned throughout the world and revered for their exquisite stitching. Learn the predominant stitches used in these period embroideries--and explore how they were used to create masterpieces. Our sampler will include chain stitch, split stitch, stem stitch, back stitch and both surface couching and underside couching with gold embroidery bullion.

Still-life Drawing
Saturday, February 4, 11:00-12:30
Laura Glendening
A free class -- for adults and teens, please register
Enrollment 12

Join us for a community still-life drawing session.  The goal will be to draw items as we see them.  We will practice measuring and working with marks and lines to develop the scene.  Beginners to advanced, all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Pie Making 101 - Learn how to make the best butter crust ever!
Sunday, February 5, 2017 - 9:30am to 4:00pm
Marjorie Cormier, Owner of "My Pie" Chesterville, Maine
$90 + $30 materials fee
Enrollment 6

Learn about making reliably flaky and delicious pastry, rolling pastry, double crust pies, fruit fillings, baking times and more.  You will make your own dough, mix up some fruit filling, put it all together, and go home with a freshly baked pie and enough pastry for another small creation!

March 2017

Carved Box
Saturday & Sunday,  March 4 & 5, 9:30am - 3:30pm
Harvey Johnson
$180 + $30 materials fee
Enrollment  4-6

Cut and carve a small box out of a single solid block of wood - lid, body and feet. This class is hand power and sharp tool intensive. The emphasis of the project will be the general form and volume of the boxes, rather than carved surface patterns, texture, or details.  However, surface embellishments may be added if class time allows. Wood choices will include basswood, walnut, and mahogany. Tools to be used: Handsaw, whittling knife, hook knives, gouges, chisels, and sandpaper.

Please bring any sharp palm chisels and gouges that you may have, along with a well sharpened whittling knife. A shop apron is recommended, but not required.  Tools will be available to borrow, and gouges, whittling knives and hook knives will be available to purchase, in the range of $25-$35 each.

Saturday & Sunday,  March 4 & 5, 9:00am - 4:00pm
Koviashuvik Living School, Chris and Ashirah Knapp
$200 + 100 materials fee
Enrollment 4-10

With a brown ash pack-basket you can carry the world!  Come participate in this weekend of weaving and leave with a basket that could last your lifetime.  First we will share how we prepare the material right from a local tree.  Then you will weave a basket bottom and learn to work with the splints to form the shape and size basket of your choosing.   You will sew on a rim, rivet together your own backpack straps, and leave with a new friend on your back!

The Basics of Plant-Dyeing
Sunday, March 5, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Laura Glendening
Free talk - please register

Learn about the basics of using plants dyes to dye silk and wool.  Topics to be covered: gathered and purchased dyestuff, mordants, process of preparing materials, light fast dyes, process of cooking dyestuff and ensuring even dyeing, sources for silk and wool, and more.